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Episode 115: Straight Outta Fiction

Show Description: Read a news article, scroll through your timeline on Facebook or Twitter, or just simply look around and it seems that the world has hit a place where reality and fiction have hit an intersection. Its very hard to tell which is which anymore, but on this episode, The Boys do their best navigate these turbulent waters. First, that wacky California is at it again. They have taken another step in the fight to destroy the patriarchy by passing a bill and OH! Is it going to be good!! Then, there is a new billboard in Dallas that is so sad and horrible that you’ll just have to listen to know more. It’s BAD! There is a new Bi-Sexual candidate that we are supposed to all excited about. Mexico City has changed its laws, but before you take the family, you might want to listen. There is a new class being offered at a South Carolina library that will have millennials giddy with excitement. And finally, be careful if you have to take meds for diabetes as there is a new side effect that might be cause for a bad day. All this and so much more!! Defenders.Lanterns.Buzz

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