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Episode 104: Know Who Your Friends Are

Show Description: Tonight, The Boys decide to take things in a slightly different direction than usual as they ask the question “Are you paying attention?” People today, thanks to social media, pay very little attention to all the facts of any given topic, let alone WHO is saying it. With that, The Boys bring several stories that hopefully will challenge folks to take an extra minute to make sure they are on the right side of history. First up, Chance the Rapper has bought a website to try an oust Rahm Emaunel as Mayor of Chicago, but the reason why is not something to be proud of. Also, President Trump talking about removing the security clearances of prior administration officials. You have to take this a bit slow and not jump to one side or the other based just on teams. BREAKING NEWS: House Republicans Introduce Articles Of Impeachment against AG Rosenstein. A Chicago Mayoral candidate is LITERALLY buying votes. No, thats not a typo. And finally, a Lesbian-Feminist Tranny gets accused of mansplaining heterosexual privilege. We can’t make this stuff up.. All this and so much more!!!!

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