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Episode 102: There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Show Description: So, that Alexandria Casio Cortez lady running for Congress in NY said in an interview that “Unemployment is low because people have 2 jobs.” Talking heads on both sides of the Isle are in a tizzy over the statement but they all are missing a single, fundamental truth which The Boys gladly go over. Also, South African study says that fathers in the home should not be seen as “normal”. The destruction of the family and society is reaching a all time high. Then, a horrifically unbelievable story about a Daycare worker who hung a toddler got a rather light sentence. Wait till you hear the details. San Fransisco has a new trining course for homeless people and this LOAD is just a huge, smelly PILE… You’ll get it when you hear the story. All this and so much more!

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