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Closing In On Comey?

Show Description: The walls are closing in on James Comey as his book tour has turned into a nightmare for him and other former higher-ups at the FBI. He simply won't stop talking! But when he talks, new revelations emerge revealing the anti-Trump culture and an arrogance beyond comparison. Gene delves into the latest news that should concern James Comey - a lot. We then welcome our guest, radio show host and all-around amazing guy Josh Tolley. While we are loathe to plug the competition, we have to give Josh his due! John has an amazing following for his radio show, the aptly named "Josh Tolley Show" across the nation and indeed the world! Josh has been named one of the world's Top 100 Business Trainers in the world, whose business advice truly resonates with people, resulting in an incredible YouTube following and views of nearly 27 Million. He is the author of the several best-selling books including "Evangelpreneur" & "Quit Your Job or Die." So yeah, he's a big deal. We talk about the similarities between conservatism and entrepreneurship, and delve into why he feels a U.S.-China trade war is a good thing for the country. Find out more about Josh Tolley at All that, plus we check in with "Auntie" Maxine Waters forher latest crazy buffoonery: now all of a sudden, she trusts James Comey?!? We are not making this up!

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