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Why Christianity Today Didn't Go Far Enough

In July of 2016, on, I wrote an article entitled #RIPGOP Now What? in which I said the following: There have been times in recent history where the death of the Republican party was forecasted, predi

New Orleans: The Petri Dish of Revolution

Don't be fooled America. Mitch Landrieu is posturing and testing the national waters for a possible POTUS run. The City of New Orleans has had four black mayors before him who never EVER addressed Confederate statues

CPAC is For Conservatives. Period.

I recall my time at CPAC last year, fighting with the people we were associated with to embrace conservatism while there was still time. At the time, conservatives were still split between presidential candidat

The Shooting and Death of Joe McKnight in Gretna, LA

After seeing Florida and Ferguson, Gardner and Rice, the false narrative of open season by armed white people against unarmed black people has reared it’s ugly head less than 5 minutes from my home. A beloved local

Not Us, But We Through I

Although we’re in the midst of election season, many people are taking the time to contemplate what happens after the election and where we go from here. If you’re someone who considers themselves princi

There's Liberty in Reality

America is facing some dark times. Not because of an imminent threat from an evil nation or state and not even because we are a nation at war and losing the lives of hundreds or even thousands of young men and

Foundational Silver Lining

Since the conventions for both the Republicans and the Democrats, I have taken a real step back and have tried to contemplate, reflect and consider the situation that my country is in. Before the conventions, when the no

#RIPGOP Now What?

There have been times in recent history where the death of the Republican party was forecasted, predicted, reported and celebrated. The GOP, however, continued to take another breath. The Tea Party rose up spontaneously

On the Eve of the Final World War

It’s a well-known fact that, NATO ally, Turkey has been one of the biggest if not THE biggest customer of ISIS’ oil business that generates the revenue needed by the terror organization to continue to fund te

The Trump-Alinsky Connection

Over the past 8 years, I have interacted with liberals, progressives, union bosses, Congressional Black Caucus members, socialists and communists and I have learned, through these interactions that lying is not just a ke

Trumpty-Dumpty's Big Fall

It really does appear that the GOP is circling the wagons around front runner Donald Trump. They keep saying he’s not “their” guy, but he’s the Republican nominee. It’s almost like they&rsqu

Trump's Rape & Fraud Problem

A GOP frontrunner has never before captured as many primary votes as Donald Trump has but it hasn’t come at a cheap price. Donald Trump, from the day he announced, has been a firestorm of media frenzied soundbites

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