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Hospital Healthcare Scams

One of the things that have been made crystal clear with the healthcare business is that regardless of which political party touches it, there is plenty of money to be had, seemingly all of it from us to them. Here is

Show Me the Money-- The Real Healthcare Scam

Why is healthcare so hard for our elected officials to fix? The answer is that it’s all about the money.  To get an idea of the magnitude of the problem, people need to understand that Americans spend

Immigration-- The Way it Works Part Three: Islam and Immigration

In the first two parts of this series, I covered the build-up of tension and the progressive liberal policies that allowed these tensions to begin with.  If you missed Part One or Part Two you can read the

Immigration-- The Way it Works Part Two: Illegal Immigration

If you missed part one, I explained the history and the legal standing of the evolution of immigration and at least some of the reasoning behind it. Essentially, it was the needs of the nation versus what we see from the

Immigration-- the Way it Works Part 1

Immigration is a complicated subject, so I’ll start with its background, the numbers, and the Immigration and Naturalization acts that affect the legal nature of things. Our leaders, schools, and the media will

Show me the money

Some may recall that back on January 28, 2017, President Trump announced an Executive Order that banned Whitehouse staff and members of Congress from becoming lobbyists for five years once they left the Whitehouse or Con

The Violent Rhetoric of the Left

Look back into history. That Hollywood burn out that lives in France Mr. Johnny Depp who self admittedly "lies for a living." Reminded us that Democrats use violence because their arguments pack short comings.

The Republican Party today

Let's talk about the Republican Party.  Please try not to have your heads explode. One of the major differences between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Republicans routinely think more independe

Signs and Treatments for PTSD

June is PTSD month, so I think it’s appropriate to discuss it now. Hold on tight.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is caused by traumatic events. It can be combat-related or domestic, such as residual

Draining the Swamp, a nonpartisan issue

It’s time to cover some basics of political life in Washington D.C. and a few of the pitfalls that go it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a NeverTrumper or a Trumpster— this isn’t intended to be

Is Communism Coming To America?

We live in a time of the second fall of Rome, filled with double speak and distraction, and a government filled with corrupt officials and their self-interests. It’s a time where too many elected representatives wi

The Two-Headed Snake of Islam

Let's talk about Islam. There is so much flooding the media about the peace and love of Islam. The Koran is filled with passages that sound beautiful and the left freely pushes those. What you are not told is that

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