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Is Jury Duty Involuntary Servitude?

Every day in America, millions of law-abiding citizens are compelled, under threat of jail-time and other penalties, to leave their homes, jobs, and personal responsibilities to sit in a room for hours, if not all day. I

Annoy a Liberal -- Honor Calvin Coolidge on Independence Day

True or false, did an American president actually consider one of his greatest accomplishments "minding my own business?" Keep reading. . .   One of my favorite July Fourth traditions is remembering

Are Words More Harmful Than Actions? A Contrarian's View

With all the talk of violent rhetoric inspiring real bloodshed, the recent manslaughter conviction of Michelle Carter in Massachusetts just adds fuel to the controversy. Granted, the case of Carter, now twenty, who urged

Lessons From the Movies: How Much Freedom is Too Much?

It was recently announced that actress, Diane Keaton, will receive this year's American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award. Just as an aside, I submit that Keaton, as much as Meryl Streep, could hold the

Save Our Confederate Monuments

Just north of Fayetteville, NC, off Interstate 95, motorists cannot miss the sight of a giant Confederate flag. Planted on rural private property near the county line, it has, predictably, raised a degree of controversy.

King Arthur and Why Legend Matters

'King Arthur,' which just opened in theaters, bears little resemblance to the King Arthur legend that has enchanted readers for centuries. It will certainly never rival 1981's 'Excalibur,' which remai

The Psychology of Poverty

Poverty in America is typically discussed as just another political issue, in cold, abstract terms, culminating in a liberal position or the conservative one. Forget policy - poverty's most compelling aspect, driving

Health Care Reform - Ask Consumers, Not the 'Experts'

According to progressives, health care is a right. But it is no less a commodity like food and housing. The markets for these life-sustaining goods respond to consumer demand. Why doesn't Congress allow the health ca

Save the Middle Class - Abolish the Income Tax

. . . and sent hither a swarm of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.                                     &

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