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Fortune Cookie Wisdom: Friendship

Yesterday evening, I learned that someone I care about enormously is hurting. She is feeling sad and lonely and friendless, and so she does something with which I very much relate: She escapes into books, where t

Waiting on the World to Change

Yesterday at work, I was listening to some old music and stumbled upon perhaps my least favorite song in the entire world. No offense to John Mayer, because this is honestly the only song of his I’ve ever heard and

The Fatherless Church

It’s Father’s Day. For many, this day settles like an elephant—an immovable weight that steals the air from our lungs. The sorrow of having lost a father, whether by his absence or by his death, is t

Sixteen Years Too Late

Another vigil. How many is that now? I don’t even know. The news out of Manchester last week was devastating. I am always late to write about tragic events like this one because I struggle with processing. I str

Change the World

It’s no secret my heart has been heavy with the tragic suicides that have plagued my community as of late. They seem, somehow, to be an acute symptom of an incurable disease in our society.  And in my struggle

On the Death of MI State Rep John Kivela

Yesterday morning I heard the news from our local radio station: State Representative John Kivela had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol— again.  After his DUI in 2015, Kivela sought t

Favorite Prey: The Coptic Church

Reuters reported this morning that the leader of ISIS in Egypt has warned Muslims “to stay away from Christian gatherings.” The hot news in the States this morning, however, is not about the persecution of

Feeding Our Kids to the System

Learning can be something like a chalkboard. When we are young, we have, essentially, a clean slate. Once we begin using it, writing things down, it becomes more difficult to start over. No matter how fervently we try to

Shame vs. Redemption: A Cultural War

We have all heard by now of the unfortunate incident this week between United Airlines and passengers of flight 3411. There is no question that there was a better way for United to handle the overbook problem. There is n

Government Charity: The Oxymoron

Recently, I shared my concerns about charity and whether the responsibility of charity lies with individuals or the government. Someone close to me responded about the need for government-funded programs that provid

To Beast or Not to Beast

Everyone told me it was the same. Everyone was sure I’d love it. While many of my Christian friends and family chose not to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast because of Disney’s allege

The Problem of Charity

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of witnessing a debate between two Christians about whether tithing is an obligation of today’s Christians. Both men relied upon scripture to make their cases. Both men were co

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