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Quit or Not To Quit, That is the Question

I am back! After a short break, I’m back and open up about a lot of the feelings I have experienced over the last 12 months. In some ways, I no longer recognize America. However, I do believe I found t

Fed Hints at Second and Third Rate Hike This Year!

Earlier this week, Charles Evans who is a senior US central banker and a member of the open markets committee of America’s Central Bank, the Federal Reserve was visiting Ireland discussing the world economy and B

Seeking Intellectual Honesty, Consistency & Principles on Syria

Last Thursday, our world changed once again when President Donald Trump instructed the military to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria, attacking a Syrian air-field. The bombing was met with praise from around th

Conservatives Aren't the Problem, It's That No One Says 'No'

In this show, Jonathon discusses recent comments by Congressman Ted Poe, responds to Bernie Sanders comments on Obamacare repeal killing people, and shares some troubling stories from Europe that are setting dangerous pr

Principles Are Missing, but Not Missed by Anyone

In this episode, Jonathon discusses the underlying principles behind free trade, the Filibuster Rule in the Senate, 9/11 being sacred and has a special Easter message. · What is the G20? · Free trade dr

An Irishman’s Plea to President Trump and the Secret Service

In this jam-packed show, Jonathon discusses the reaction to his special podcast last week, talks terrorism, the Secret Service, the Judge Gorsuch confirmation hearings, and shares a lesson from the Founding Fat

Why Tomi’s Pro-Choice Comments Are Not Consistent With Traditional Conservatism

In this special episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon addresses Tomi recent comments on being pro-choice and highlights why they are not only inconsistent with traditional conservatism but that your founders would be ho

How the Filthy Rich Create Jobs Directly and Indirectly

Allow me to preface this column by asking a couple of questions: How much do you hate rich people? How many of you think the rich hold poor people down? How many of you feel disadvantaged an

Hey Bernie: If Socialized Medicine is So Wonderful, Explain THIS

One of the most popular debates in America right now is that of healthcare. We have for the last seven years whitnessed the GOP kick, scream, and make countless promises to repeal Obamacare. Yet nothing has happened 

Which Group of Americans is Critical To The Survival of America?

Last week was another crazy week, which means there was loads of things to discuss on the Freedoms Disciple podcast. In the latest episode, I shared a special Life in Utopia question I recently received: Which

Left Today Are NOT Ignorant. They Just Know So Much That Is NOT SO!!!!

It has been another interesting week in America and I wanted to cover several topics from my unique outsiders view including Trumps travel ban but also give the principle behind any such hold on immigration - the right t

Three Attributes EVERYONE Can Learn From Tom Brady & New England Patriots

Last night America and a growing number of people around the world watched the fifty-first edition of the Super Bowl which pitted the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons. The game was filled with excite

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