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Protest This!

A disclaimer that I still feel the need to mention: I campaigned vigorously against Trump. He's not conservative; he's a populist. He was, however, elected fair and square.

I'm incredulous over the display we’re seeing from the left. It's disgraceful and embarrassing. Mr. Trump hadn't even taken office, and some were calling for his impeachment. The office of the Presidency deserves respect. I greatly disliked Obama, but as he said, "elections have consequences." Just as I do with all newly inaugurated Presidents, I gave Obama my support, prayed for his safety and wisdom, and spoke out when I disagreed with his policies. My policy doesn't change dependent upon the political party in leadership.

When I "spoke out," I meant posting on Facebook and Twitter, and writing for various publications -- not burning cars and businesses, throwing rocks at police officers, or beating up those with whose ideas I differ. In all seriousness, I submit that in his eight years in office, President Obama never made any concerted effort to be my President, and in fact, I never felt as alienated in my country as I did during his administration. The left cared not one whit that he was running roughshod, with his pen and phone, over principles and tradition for which we felt inviolate.

Mr. Obama openly mocked and insulted half of his constituency on a fairly regular basis. He reignited racial tension in the country to a level we haven't seen in 25 years or more. Only time will tell how long it will take to heal the damage that was inflicted with his blessing and urging. The left didn't just turn a blind eye; they applauded his brand of "social justice."

Snide remarks from the Capitol succeeded only in alienating many white people and law enforcement officers while providing an excuse for unacceptable behavior from the highest level of government. One must make a conscious choice to find trouble in the black community on the scale they have proposed, and where it often doesn't exist.

Yes, there's racism, and there always will be because we're dealing with a fallible race of human beings, but to imagine that it exists in every corner or around every bend is ludicrous. It's also incredibly divisive when the citizenry is smeared by the term "racist" for no other reason than they disagree with policy or behavior.

The worst part of this? It does a terrible disservice to all of those who suffered blatant, debilitating, and systemic racism in our history. It mocks them. It laughs at Martin Luther King, Jr., who dreamed not of a vengeful black uprising against whites, or black supremacy, but of a country in which his children would be judged by the "content of their character, not by the color of their skin."

The left jumped on Obama's social justice bandwagon with gusto, throwing vile and vulgar labels around with little or no thought. A woman I'd been friends with for twenty years, suddenly felt empowered to unleash her fury against my political bent with a hateful diatribe, in which she stated that I deserved to be called an idiot, a racist, a bigot, and more because I am conservative, and all the Republican candidates for President were gross.

Tensions were high this election season because many felt the future of the republic was at stake. Some felt betrayed. Some felt persecuted. All this from eight years of a man for whom we held such high hopes, a man who had the power to unite and to heal-- our first black President, and a wasted opportunity from my perspective.

There were many of us that were every bit as afraid of Obama when he took office as you are of Trump, and not because we're racist. We were proud to be American, and saw no good reason to "fundamentally change America." Our Constitution, when carefully and thoughtfully followed, may not be perfect, but it's still the best on the planet; we believe in its power to unleash liberty, and in turn, allow us to create the lives we seek. We can't all be wrong, because people are still begging to come here from the world over, for the x-factor that is unavailable elsewhere.

President Obama perverted the spirit of our Constitution. He made up his own rules, ignoring and collapsing the checks and balances that were meant to protect us from an activist executive branch. He had plenty of help from his packed activist courts, and a complicit, shameful, group of cowering Republicans afraid to assert our rights and truly represent us. Mitch McConnell is enemy number one in my estimation.

Those on the left rubbed it in our faces, gloated, and thought our disappointment fabulously entertaining. You became bolder and more repugnant as the administration continued to make law without the consent of the legislature. It was a really long and difficult eight years on our side of the fence.

So, we know how you feel. I'm doing my level best not to treat you the way you treated us. Donald Trump would not have been my choice, but the election is over. Let's all put on our big boy and big girl pants and channel our energies into something worthwhile. Try to keep in mind that about half the country sees things differently than you – it’s not as much about right or wrong, as about different perspectives. We’re supposed to champion the free exchange of ideas. Only God knows the unequivocal truth.

Remember during the debate when Hillary was so very concerned with the peaceful transition of power? She was apoplectic over the idea that Trump might not accept the election results. My, how the stomach turns. It's rather humorous that most of the country was prepared for another Clinton in the Oval; I actually felt a tiny bit sorry for Hillary in the aftermath of what can only be described as a shocking outcome. I thought she handled herself with class. You see, I'm not afraid to call it like I see it.

I'm not expecting anything exceptional from President Trump’s time in office, and we still have checks and balances -- it is my fervent hope they'll make a roaring comeback. Let's face it, generally speaking, politicians suck. It's a sleazy, dirty business on both sides, if you're intellectually honest.

The hysteria sweeping the country is ridiculous and alarmist. If your children are so afraid of Trump they can't sleep, I blame you. You've clearly frightened them with your rhetoric. He's a scumbag? Big deal. Clinton was a scumbag, and you all thought it was a private matter then. I'm having a tough time feeling bad for you, especially considering how you've consistently treated us for more than twenty-five years. Our country has survived many scumbags, and it will survive Trump. That's the strength and beauty of our Constitution at work, and the reason it is incumbent upon each of us to defend it like we would our children. It is the stabilizing force throughout our relatively short history.

Be honest, would it have been significantly different if another Republican won? Oh, I don't think so, I sincerely doubt it. Y'all pretty much think we're evil, or in the recent words of a college friend, "They are brainwashed. Sad but true. The weaker among us fall for ideological lies and cults." Listen to yourself. You believe yourself so enlightened, so much better than us, so morally superior. It's really quite detestable. I simply operate on a different political wavelength, about which you have no interest in learning.

The right and left used to understand we all wanted the same things; we just had different ideas about how to get them. Now the politics of personal destruction are the order of the day, an abomination courtesy of the Clinton's – yes, it was they who started this despicable narrative. We're no longer good people who disagree; the right is labeled evil, stupid, intolerant, and racist.

There are many lies to go around, and fake news comes from all sides of the political spectrum, but it's the left perpetrating the violence and rioting across the country. You want me to join your crusade against Trump? I really can't see how it is possible. I don’t believe in shutting down free speech, and I don’t have any respect for those who cross the line.

For instance, the Woman's March wasn't about women; it was about a certain kind of woman. I am decidedly not that kind of woman. I was horrified and embarrassed for you when I saw that display. Do you have any decency? You enjoyed listening to celebrities rant about Trump's disgusting remarks, the very women who've made their fortunes by objectifying women in perverse ways and the most titillating lack of dress, always striving for the highest shock value. Did they think there weren't consequences? And for every one of you sporting the kitty hats, you disgust me. You represent the very ideals for which half of us are scratching our heads and mourning the culture. You’ve managed to destroy Feminism. I’m glad I stayed home in my safe space. I was triggered by microaggressions just watching the coverage.

Yes, you on the left have behaved contemptibly toward anyone and everything that didn't suit your fancy, and now you find yourself facing the consequences. If you wanted to win, putting up a scandal-ridden, corrupt through and through, has-been lady was a strategic faux pas. We’d welcome a woman in the presidency, but not that one. Donald Trump is not our fault. Face it; you managed to lose to a man that, by all calculations, would have lost to Mickey Mouse, so stop screaming at us. Get hold of yourselves. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what part you may have played in this, the mother of all perfect political storms.

You dismiss any writer or commentator you perceive to be right wing. Therein is your greatest weakness. I don't watch Fox; I don't read Breitbart. I also steer clear of Mother Jones, Vox, and Politico. The truth is somewhere in between the fringes. You must read all sides of an issue before you are educated enough to come to any honest conclusion. You can't know what you refuse to read. Seek truth with a critical eye, and trust no source; you must be willing to research and verify objectively.

My honest conclusion to your raving and hysteria we're witnessing from you is way beyond the bounds of decorum. Peaceful protest is your right and responsibility; anything more and you've crossed a line. You, like Obama, and the Clintons before you, are crossing the line daily. I have no regard for your type of protest.

Your attempts to destroy others are wrong on every level. Nordstrom removing Ivanka Trump's line is the latest in a series of events specifically targeting her and her family for the sin of being the President's daughter. We don't do that in this country. The sins of the father are not to be borne by the child.

Kudos to Ralph Lauren. He bucked the intense pressure to conform and dressed Mrs.Trump beautifully for the Inaugural celebrations. I'm actually appalled at the level of hypocrisy I see, and I didn't think it was possible to surprise me anymore.

People are complaining that Mr. Trump hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises. Really? He’s been President for about five minutes. Trump is President, that's the law of our land. Make peace with it, and make peace with us.

Written by Julie Custer

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