Lanterns: Unequal Justice


Unequal Justice

So is justice blind, or has it become the latest casualty of this corrupt government? The idea that justice is fair, equitable, and impartial regardless of one's social, financial, or political standing has been the standard since our founding. This was intertwined with our belief that all men are created equal. Yet, in recent political events, it has become glaringly clear that impartiality is dead, and justice is wounded; she has been struck a blow by those bound to the cause of globalism as a final objective no matter the cost.

Today the idea of justice has been drug into the street, beaten, and handcuffed, and forced to serve the side willing to pull out all the stops to advance their wicked plans for the destruction of America. Only the willfully ignorant, ill-informed, or those caught up in the movement to destroy America as She stands by shredding the founding ideals and the documents that reflect them do not, or can not see what is going on.

The last administration committed acts that directly ignored, and in some cases, violated the Constitution and the laws of this country. One scandal after another and no one was ever investigated properly, let alone held accountable. Justice was not only blind but bound and gagged as well. Secret gun running operations, arming of radical Islamists, mishandling of classified materials, pay for play operations with funds run through a phony non-profit, selling of national resources to Russia, secret meetings on the tarmac to obstruct justice are just a few. Not to mention allowing Iran to capture a U.S. Naval ship where they humiliated several sailors used in a propaganda video, and the Obama administration did nothing. In fact, Obama made a deal that not only gave Iran room to develop nuclear weapons but paid out over $1.3 billion to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. These are just the things we know about, and yet, no one has even been charged. 

We, The People, have long lost control of this over inflated, greed driven, immoral, Godless government. We have allowed this to take place. We have given up the ship to evil men and women seeking power and wealth at the expense of truth, morality, and God. We have abandoned responsibility to seek the face of God and His standard. We have allowed Satan into the classroom, the Mayor's House, the State House, and The White House. There is no one else to blame; we have abandon truth and accepted lies, myths, and the foolishness of men to destroy our country and its ideals, standards, principles, laws, and religion. 

I am not normally so cynical, however, we are marching straight to the destruction of all we know and hold dear. Nothing short of an all-out revival lead by the Spirit of God can save us. Those few good men who try to do what is right in D.C. are hindered, hamstrung, beat down, and demoralized. There are false investigations to slow progress while no investigations of the real crimes that have been committed. Yes, my friends, Justice might not be dead, but She is on life support. No society has ever survived the complete degradation of law and order. Lawlessness leads to destruction every time. History bears this out.

So, here is the prescription that needs to be filled. Pay attention, verify everything you hear, pray without ceasing, then pray some more, and vote in every election even if it is dog catcher. Each and every one of us needs to make sure that our morals and principles are on a solid foundation and not merely opinion. 

God Bless and Fair Well for now. DTLSR 

Written by Dale Lumley

I am a 55 yr old Christian, Sgt. USMC DSGW. Patriot, Constitutional Originalist. Husband, Father.

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