Lanterns: Noel Gallagher Blasts the UK for Allowing Islamic Terrorism to Happen


Noel Gallagher Blasts the UK for Allowing Islamic Terrorism to Happen

Noel Gallagher, the former Oasis star, slammed the UK for their attitude toward radical Islam which has made his home unsafe for his family and everyone else.

In response to the deadly Manchester Arena attack that took the lives of 23 people, Gallagher told Rolling Stone that his government is weak and they’re putting his city at risk.

“Our government – seemingly – are powerless to f***** stop this s***… and I have children and they’re growing up in London and they take the tube and I take the tube.” He continued. “there’s like bombers roaming free around the f****** city.”

“Our government and the government before them and the next f****** government after this one will be powerless to stop it because of some hippy ideal about people’s religious beliefs – f*** those c***s is what I say,” Gallagher added.

Gallagher’s classic song, Don’t Look Back in Anger, became something bigger and it touched many people’s hearts due to the victims of Manchester bombing.

He performed the song during a benefit concert but he already considered it as a meaningful song before “that f****** Islamic f****** goon put that bomb in the Arena,” and he wished his song just meant what it used to, cutting any direct link to the message being mistaken as pro-Islam or “some hippie ideal.”

Written by Christian Montoya

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