Lanterns: Only in 2016: Texas Now a 'Battleground State'


Only in 2016: Texas Now a 'Battleground State'

"Only in 2016" is something I've become quite accustomed to saying this presidential election season.


The latest round of polls has given conservatives yet again another reason to use the above expression as data revealed Wednesday that Hillary Clinton is within three points of Donald Trump in the Lone Star state. The University of Houston poll surveyed 1000 likely voters from October 7 and October 15 and asked them to chose between the four leading candidates (Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Stein). Frighteningly, Clinton trails within the 3% margin of error. Presently, there is only one other Texas poll that was taken after the now infamous 2005 video of Trump having a private conversation with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush. That poll, commissioned by WFAA-TV, yields similar results


The fate of Texas and other traditionally red states was discussed Wednesday on Morning Joe:




Written by Taryn on the news

Taryn enjoys sharing news and perspectives she believes are under-reported. Taryn became politically aware following a few major life changes and spends most of her time in the Midwest.

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