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Citizens Health Plan 2017


This is just a skeleton of what should exist as a reasonable structure for health care reform in America and around the world. 

This coverage is available to those currently covered under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) provided they agree to the terms of the coverage and their obligations under the Healthy Citizens Act (See Appendix B for definition).

Who is covered?

Any American citizen (see Appendix A for definition), from the age of eighteen (18) years and above, needing health coverage will be covered under the Citizens Health Plan, even those with pre-existing conditions (see Appendix C for definition); provided that they abide by the rules and requirements outlined in the Healthy Citizens Act (See Appendix B for definition). American students, under twenty-six (26) can continue to be covered under the coverage of surviving parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

What is not covered?

The American people will annually vote on what things should not be covered under the health plan, which should include:

  • Birth Control
  • Abortions
  • Plastic Surgery
  • E-Cigarettes/Nicotine Patches

Is this mandatory?

If you do not want coverage, you should not have to pay into the system. Choosing not to participate in the Health plan, or any type of health insurance will not be penalized in any form. It is encouraged that citizens build a respectable Health Savings Account to accommodate for those unsuspecting/unforeseen medical emergencies. There will be no fees to leave the plan and return.

Operational Requirements

Coverage will be available across State lines and any property considered American soil, including in foreign countries.

For every American citizen (see Appendix A for definition) enrolled into the program, two (2) non-essential federal government positions must be removed within 120 days of enrollment. The American citizenry cannot maintain the burden of funding a government that will not cut its spending and expect citizens to carry the burden of aiding those less fortunate. If the government is serious about its concern for the well-being of its citizens, it will execute the necessary steps to live within a full audited budget (available to any citizen of this country).

Each state will have one (1) representative at the federal, state, and county level and cannot exceed a maximum of 150 government employees. Said employees will be elected by the American people at each government level on an annual basis. Once a period of four (4) years has been established by a representative, the representative is no longer able to be employed by the Health Plan in any way, indefinitely. Said employees will be accountable to abide by the anti-bribery laws voted on, and approved, by the American people in national elections.

Special interest groups, lobbyists, and/or any person(s) cannot change the operations of the plan nor allocation of funds without the notification of the American people and a special voting process, at and no sooner than 31 days of notification. This 31-day process allows the American people to review and understand the changes before implementation.

The health plan will receive monthly audits at the federal, state, and county levels by random accounting firms, pro bono. The same accounting firm cannot audit the plan, at either government level, more than two (2) times per year. The American people will be provided a list of accounting firms to approve each year to execute each audit in the following year. First-year audits are to be voted for before the implementation of the health plan.

How is it funded?

This health plan will not be covered by any taxation to the American people. Any American can contribute to the funds for the health plan above the costs they are paying through their employers or paid insurance, including participants of this health plan.

Any citizen, (see Appendix A for definition), willing to contribute, will receive tax relief from the government at federal, state, county, and city levels. The contributions made to the fund will be subtracted from the gross income of the contributing citizen’s (see Appendix A for definition) salary. These contributions cannot and must not be taxed.

Contributions cannot reduce the contributor's tax bracket by more than one level. Anything in excess will be regarded as a charitable donation.

Federal Employees, not affiliated with the plan, will be inserted into the plan automatically. The cost of coverage is subtracted from the federal employee’s compensation, if their gross salary exceeds $150,001. Federal employees making less than $150,001 will make monthly payments into the health plan based on a percentage against the national average of 500 publicly traded companies. That percentage is determined by which tier the employee resides. The tier will be broken into segments of $25,000. Employees ranging from $0.01 to $25,000 will contribute the lowest and Employees ranging from $125,001 to $150,000 will pay the most.

Who receives compensation?

No federal employee, not working as an active agent of the plan, can receive any of the funds associated with the plan. An employee meets the following criteria:

  • Doctors and/or Physician’s Assistants
  • Hospitals and/or Clinics
  • Nutritionists
  • Nurses and/or Certified Nursing Assistances (CNA)
  • Physical trainers working for the betterment of each person covered under the health plan.

Any special committees or advisory boards, at any government level, created to audit the health plan or give guidance will do so with no form of compensation. This is to remove the probability of corruption.

Appendix A Citizens

Citizens are defined in three (3) classes for the health plan:

  • Any person born on American soil is automatically considered a citizen. Current laws, before the year 2000, defining American citizens will apply.
  • Law abiding applicants for citizenship are also considered citizens for the health plan. Persons willfully and consistently violating the laws of the land will be barred and disqualified from participating in the plan for a period of at least three (3) years and up to ten (10) years or possibly indefinitely.
  • Those currently incarcerated or under active probation qualify for the lowest level of care under the health plan. Criminal activity and not be rewarded as a burden to the American people on those who wish to create a better and healthier environment for America.

Appendix B Healthy Citizens Act

The Citizens Health Plan requires an expected level of living in order to qualify for coverage and maintain the same level of coverage.

Each applicant for the health plan will report to a nutritionist, doctor/physician’s assistant, and fitness instructor. Upon review of all three (3); a health plan will be prescribed for applicants that must be agreed upon before coverage can begin. Applicants must provide a detailed plan as to how the health plan will be executed and the means by which the applicant will be held accountable during the coverage period. The nutritionist, doctor/physician’s assistant, and fitness instructor will be granted, by the authority of the application/future policyholder, the ability to audit activities and expenditures of the policyholder to maintain a level of accountability.

Persons who will be participating in the program cannot participate in unhealthy practices to create high-risk situations. Among those practices:

Smoking. The warning of the effects of smoking have been published for many decades now, and a decision to continue cannot be a burden to the health plan nor the American people. Any persons continually smoking (any smoking during the coverage of the plan) and have been proven to be caught in the process of smoking will be subject to the minimal support, general care, of the plan. Said persons will be required to pay for any health services, exceeding general care, before they are executed.

Excessive Drinking. Drunken behavior that leads to health complications will reduce the coverage to general support. Said persons will be required to pay for any health services, exceeding general care, before they are executed.

Drug Abuse/Usage. The American people will vote on the list of drugs that have been deemed harmful to the applicant, policyholder. Apart from a subscription to the drug from a monthly audited, medical institution, drug use will make the policyholder subject to the minimal support, general care, of the plan. Said persons will be required to pay for any health services, exceeding general care, before they are executed.

Persons who willingly participate in criminal activity that results in the need for medical attention will pay ten (10) times the cost for the national average of healthcare costs. Behavior from organized crime, including gang(s), disqualifies participants from high-cost procedures like plastic surgery, amputee replacements unless they are willing to pay the full costs, up-front, apart from plan coverage.

The American people will be given a list of activities that could be described as unhealthy behaviors that warrant general coverage and out-of-pocket payments for the participants of the plan. The list will be reviewed at least two (2) months before annual elections.

Appendix C Pre-Existing Conditions

The American people will vote yearly on what is defined as a Pre-Existing Condition.

Printable file here.

Written by Watson Prunier

Battle4Freedom has been the culmination of many things from my life growing up. I'm the oldest of 5 born in NY to Haitian immigrants. I'm a quad but don't know where two of my other siblings are. We grew up in poverty but it helped keep me centered

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