Lanterns: Which Group of Americans is Critical To The Survival of America?


Which Group of Americans is Critical To The Survival of America?

Last week was another crazy week, which means there was loads of things to discuss on the Freedoms Disciple podcast. In the latest episode, I shared a special Life in Utopia question I recently received: Which group of American's are critical to the survival of America? The answer might just surprise you.

Americans have heard a lot of opinions about tariffs recently, so I decided to share several facts on tariffs and on their real potential impacts on the American economy. Lastly I shared the three lessons every American can learn, from the SuperBowl and so much more including:

  • Life In Utopia is back!
  • Which group of Americans are critical to America’s future?
  • Revisionist US and world history
  • There are no moral similarities between America and Russia. Period.
  • Russia bans opposition leader from running for president
  • Future of the Democratic Party
  • History of US Revolution and the pulpit
  • Facts about tariffs
  • Facts about US Trade
  • Lessons every American can learn from the SuperBowl

Listen to the episode for free, any time below or by visiting iTunes or Google Play.

Please check out my podcast for the Irish accent and stay for the principles and love and the defence of American Exceptionalism. As always, I appreciate your support and your sharing this content with your friends.

Jonathon Dunne is an Irishman who dreams of one day living becoming an American. He has a weekly podcast featured on the Blaze which you can find by searching for Freedoms Disciple on Soundcloud, ITunes & Google Play. He is also a writer, public speaker and the CCO of Lanterns Buzz Radio Network. Find John on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Jonathon Dunne

Christian Irish lifelong dream of becoming American. Writer, Podcast on Blaze Radio, Public Speaker

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