The previously credible NY Times and Washington Post, along with hysterical news readers at CNN and NBC recently reported that FBI Director Comey requested additional funds for the Russian-Trump investigation before being fired. This was not true.  It is now known that this was just another fake news story. The Washington Post and the same news sources, again, without verification or investigation, all reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to quit over President Trump's use of Rosenstein's critical letter on Comey, as a partial reason for his firing. Now we discover that Rosenstein never threatened to quit. More media 'fake news.'

Many Americans who have followed these news sources for the past few years are not surprised. While these news outlets have shown almost no interest in covering the crimes and coverups of the Obama Administration-- whether it was Eric Holder and Fast and Furious, Lois Lerner, at the IRS targeting Conservative groups and then destroying evidence, or the numerous laws that were broken by Hillary Clinton, the media has fervently reported a story that President Trump may have had two scoops of ice cream while his guests received only one. The bizarre contradictions with the lack of credible investigative journalism into the corruption of government officials make the American news media seem more like something out of an episode of 'Fargo' than a credible news organization.

When FBI Director Comey was fired, newsreaders across the network spectrum became unhinged, making silly comparisons to Nixon's firing of Archibald Cox. Senator Feinstein recently revealed that there was no Russian connection to Trump, so it is unlikely any Russia-Trump connection will be discovered, yet every day, the media acts as if the proof is just around the corner.

Comey failed to find the evidence for the laundry list of Constitutional, criminal, and civil laws that Lois Lerner and the IRS had committed against Americans and against the Constitution when she flagrantly violated the rights of Texas political activist, Catherine Engelbrecht, along with many 'Tea Party' groups across the nation. It appeared that Lois Lerner illegally sent the FBI, IRS, ATF and OSHA all to harass Mrs. Englebrecht. However, Comey and the media were not interested. Again, when Eric Holder saw to it that thousands of guns found their way into the hands of Mexican Drug cartels, director Comey found nothing wrong.

Director Comey should have been fired some time ago, although his deficiencies are nothing new to our government. In keeping with our popular secular values and a post-modern belief system where there is really no right or wrong, our government and nation are full of "Comeys--" those who find it politically easier to just go along and carry the misdeeds of government leaders without any obligation to the law, the Constitution, or even the truth. After laying out the evidence of crimes that Hillary Clinton had committed, by not recommending prosecution, Comey failed his oath to preserve and protect the Constitution, and his strange actions which came in the following months were just desperate and foolish attempts to make up for his failure.  

I believe the FBI director thought he could walk a fine line by revealing Hillary's crimes to the public and media, while at the same time avoiding the ire and hate of an administration, which never had to explain any of its actions.  In doing so, Comey missed the chance of a lifetime to courageously stand up for the 'rule of law' and the truth. There were no second chances for Comey, and he should have known that the pedestrian liberal news media would not focus on the crimes of Hillary that he laid out so well. 

There were no second chances for Comey, and he should have known that the pedestrian liberal news media would not focus on the crimes of Hillary that he laid out so well. Nor would many Americans, who, have embraced a secular culture and largely abandoned any value for 'truth' or the 'rule of law,' instead, trading it and our nation's founding ideals, for faith in big statist government to provide for their needs. In spite of all the Comey and media failures, it was up to the American people to correct their oversight on the first Tuesday in November.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard pointed out the new American media's role in covering for and expanding government corruption. Writing twenty years ago in his excellent exposé, 'The Secret Life of Bill Clinton,' he said that “The American Media is incurious, slothful, consensual, pedestrian, biased without acknowledgement, fearful of challenging power, and not particularly honest...acting as most news organizations do most of the time in most of the world, as an adjunct of the ruling elite.”

This has enabled government corruption and abuse of power in America on a scale previously reserved for nations governed by tyrants and socialists and puts us in the position of becoming one. There is a near a total loss of accountability or integrity in our government leaders, matched only by those who report, or fail to report the truth. Unless of course, you receive two scoops of ice cream instead of one- oh, the injustice.

The sooner all Americans see with piercing clarity what the major networks, the NY Times, and Washington Post have become, the better it will be for all Americans and our liberties.



Written by charles morasch

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