Lanterns: Major Advertising Agency Supposedly Drops Infowars for Pro-Trump Content


Major Advertising Agency Supposedly Drops Infowars for Pro-Trump Content

Infowars, a right-leaning libertarian site created by Alex Jones, has been hit hard by a major ad agency who suspended their syndication of product ads, “in an attempt to shut them down,” said Jones. This suspension will result in “a potential revenue loss of around $3 million dollars a year,” according to Paul Joseph Watson. Going after their advertising revenue could possibly run Infowars out of business.

A letter sent to Infowars explained they have been suspended for their “political content,” as well as their relation to fake news. The term “fake news” can sometimes be used arbitrarily, though.

The letter claimed that they have violated a “user policy,” however, they never provided a specific example. In response to the suspension, Jones said: “all these big corporations get together and create blacklists of whom they want to ban; it’s clearly racketeering.” Jones continued. “It’s happening everywhere, and we have to recognize it and speak out against it.”

Predictably Infowars says they “will immediately be exploring all legal avenues to fight back against this defamatory and discriminatory attack on our organization.”

Here is the full letter below:

“I apologize for the lack of communication here prior to pausing campaigns. Infowars has been flagged by the AdRoll Policy team and, as a result, campaigns suspended. In an effort to protect the privacy of our site visitors, our partner ad networks as well as the National Advertising Initiative (NAI) have strict policies that prohibit retargeting user segments based off of potentially sensitive information.

All content on your website should be relevant, accurate, informative, and up to date. Any claims should be easily verifiable. We are not able to promote websites that intentionally misrepresent their business or use any tactic to falsely enhance reputation or misrepresent actual offerings. Furthermore, all political content should focus on the merits of the candidate, and political messaging should not target special interests or groups, or imply affiliations.

This is in line with the policies of both AdRoll and our partner ad networks policies. Given the nature of retargeting, and that we are targeting customers with ads that have directly visited your website we must ensure that we are always abiding by these policies and upholding such standards to ensure the confidentiality of our customers. Our policy center explicitly states these policies and a link can be found here.

Since your account was flagged, we are no longer able to run campaigns for your site and have now gone ahead and suspended the campaigns. I am sorry not to have better news for you today but hope that you can understand. Please consider this review final.

Let me know if you have any questions.”

Written by Christian Montoya

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