Lanterns: LGBT Pride: Nazi’s in Your Midst?


LGBT Pride: Nazi’s in Your Midst?

Stuff happens. We read about it, and don't bother to call anyone out. We’re so tired of the same garbage, day in day out, year after year. We know speaking out is an exercise in futility because we can't compete with the reach of slimy media personalities or politicians. Nevertheless, I have a strong inclination toward truth and telling it as forcefully as I'm able. 

It's been firmly established that anyone and everyone not in lockstep with liberal groupthink, is a Nazi. Never mind that real Nazi's, from real history, were monsters; we must jump on that wagon or be shunned as collaborators because—  white privilege?Because we choose to authenticate Antifa and BLM as the thugs that they are? It's painful to watch the people of my country make absolute nincompoops of themselves. They need to break out the history texts and go a sight deeper than the media. 

At any rate, a perfect example of supreme hypocrisy popped into my head today, concerning the Pride Parades of this past Spring, and the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth regarding Nazi-ism in our midst. 

Nazi-ism, as we should all recognize and know, centered around the "filthy" blood of certain despised groups and its deleterious effect on the Aryan peoples. This, in turn, gave rise to brutal and swift ethnic cleansing of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, Christians, and other undesirables. The German people were effectively tricked, over the course of years, into a state of complete fear and utter impotence in the face of a powerful, barbarous, and remorseless regime. 

Caveat: I'm not a big Trump fan. He's kind of a jerk in my mind. He's got a mouth that doesn't stop, he doesn't think before he speaks, and he's not Conservative. I do, however, strive for intellectual honesty. Though I recognize certain authoritarian traits in Donald Trump's demeanor and actions, he's no Adolph Hitler. Trump is bereft of the absolute power the Führer held, and he doesn't represent anything even slightly resembling the level of unprecedented and unbridled evil which was perpetrated upon Germany and its neighbors. 

Demonstrating in favor of Nazi power, White or Black Supremacy, or Nationalism is no doubt upsetting to all who recognize the history of authoritarian rule and its killing fields, camps, and torture chambers, but to drape Trump with the mantle of evil befitting only the likes of Mao, Stalin, and Pol-Pot is to perpetrate a heinous disservice to the memory of those who fell to such terror machines. It's nothing but outright slander, and I don't like having to defend the man that has, perhaps, dealt the final blow to the Republican Party. He's a lot of things, but he's not a Nazi. 

If we can agree on the hatefulness of Nazi rule, we must learn to speak out against similar groups and their message of antipathy and hatred. That's what I'm hearing from the Left, that we need to expose these Cretans and shine the light of Truth on them. So I'd like to uncover a group with unsavory methods of dealing with their opponents. 


This past Spring, I recall that Jews specifically, and also all Conservatives and/or supporters of Donald Trump, regardless of their alternative sexual preference, were banned from participating in Pride marches and parades in several states and municipalities such as Chicago, Charlotte, and even in Calgary. In a clear and explicit act of bigotry and hatefulness, they banned Jews from taking part in Chicago’s Dyke March. They banned Jews! Aha, I believe we've uncovered some actual hatred and Nazi-ish proclivities, in the group that heretofore, is, and has been for some time, considered too marginalized to be held accountable for their untoward behavior. The media have just about coronated them, as one of the very greatest examples of injustice and persecution in the modern world. Insofar as they've been maltreated and besmirched, can or should they be held responsible for their behavior? 

Yes. This hypocrisy is nothing new from the American Left. We've become so accustomed to being the target of their double standards it doesn't even phase us anymore. But now, there is violence in the streets, brought on by this hatred that permeates the Left, from the rotten head of the beast, down to its toes, all the while blaming the Right for their outlandish behavior. I just wanted to set the record straight this time. Neo-Nazis are not Conservative. No one in their right mind abides by White Supremacy. 

It is, however, fashionable to defend the indefensible across the nation by so called "victimized" groups such as LGBT, BLM, and Antifa. The current load of crap being spouted from the left and their media apologists has done nothing but create an intense environment which has led to violence. This trend will destroy the very fabric of this republic, unless they settle down and choose actual discussion over their preaching.

Written by Julie Custer

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"to drape Trump with the mantle of evil befitting only the likes of Mao, Stalin, and Pol-Pot is to perpetrate a heinous disservice to the memory of those who fell to such terror machines." I *SO* agree with you. I'm a bit weary of everyone who isn't left-enough being labeled a Nazi. It understates the atrocities of horrific evils. Maybe that's the point--to make us numb. I dunno, Julie. I just dunno. But about Jews being banned from the Chicago Dyke's March... I never heard anything about that! (Which just proves how disinterested I've become with news--though I don't expect much of the MSM went after that one.) Great piece, Julie!

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