Lanterns: It's a Beautiful Day Today


It's a Beautiful Day Today

I woke up early this morning. The golden rays of the sun were beginning to lighten up my bedroom. I opened my eyes fully and heard the alarm go off. It's weird that my body seems to have its own clock often awaking just prior to the set alarm.

I lay in bed for a few moments to let my mind go from the drowsy dream state to become awake. There was no rush to go anywhere today. Life was indeed good.

Turning my body to the edge of the bed, I lay on my back and stretched my legs feeling it through my feet and the tips of my toes. I opened my mouth widely as far as it could go and let out a happy sound of a yawn. It felt so good to be alive for another morning.

I climbed out of bed and put my feet on the cold floor the coolness of the temperature which sent a shiver through my body, yet another reminder of the wonderment of life.

I meandered out to the kitchen and had some breakfast. The food tasted so good. I personally like crunchier types of food. It feels good to bite down and feel a resistance to what is in my mouth. I had some water to rinse it all down. It felt so cool and sweet going down my throat.

After listening to some music, I went outside. The sky was overcast with fluffy, bumpy, gray, silver, and white clouds. I decided to go for a walk in the field behind my home. I love this place where I can walk and walk not running out of space to go

I stepped into the field that lies behind my home putting my foot down carefully on the ground which is uneven. I gingerly walked down a steep embankment a few feet before the ground leveled off. This area is farmed but was left unattended after the last harvest of wheat from the previous year. In some areas the browned stalk cream-colored tufted tops of prairie grasses were so high they brushed my face tickling me.

In another month or two when the weather is warmed up, the ground will be tilled and planted yet again for a new season. For today though, this was going to be an area for continued enjoyment.

I walked to a new area of the field and came upon a pit in the ground. It was only a few feet deep and a few feet in diameter. The dirt was black and moist. I put my foot down, tentatively, and tested the firmness of the soil. It was not so wet that I sunk, but I decided not to pursue going any further down. I chose instead to view the area. I noticed something orange that may have been a piece of pottery. Considering this is an old farmland field, maybe it was from a civilization long ago. I noticed the way the ground flowed and it looked as if this may have been the center of what was once a lake. I pictured in my mind once upon a time ago, there were fish swimming here, or maybe people who waded in the waters.

I stepped back from the pit and looked around. This was such a pretty area. The rolling hills gracefully swept and flowed like a youthful ballerina moving her arms and legs dancing on stage to a classical masterpiece composed by a musical genius of a past era.

I looked up in the clouded sky and saw a brown hawk floating like a car on a roller coaster. Up and down, around it went effortlessly in the ever-changing current of the wind. I wondered what it saw down below...maybe a mouse or a rabbit to be its daily fest. I knew I was safe for I am too big to be carried away by it.

The wind was a bit brisk carrying a cool temperature which did not affect me much since I had on my winter coat. But it did feel good, reminding me how great it was to be alive.

This moment in time I was experiencing was truly peaceful and magical. People pay good money to travel to other lands when all it takes is a few moments to find that majestic glory in their own backyard.

I sat down, closed my hazel eyes, lifted my nose, and pulled in a deep breath. The cool air felt so good teasing and awakening the inside of my nostrils, brushing against the tiny hairs which filtered the pollutants before it went down my throat to my lungs.

My chest stretched to its full capacity as my lungs were filled exciting the capillaries and having them suck in the clean oxygen to my blood for my body. It felt so good.  

I was lost in this moment thinking to myself how much I loved this. My mind began to wander and realized how blessed I was to be able to experience this uninterrupted by the sound of blaring sirens, horns, or even the voice of another person.

The silence of my thought was sliced by a voice. I heard my name being called. I turned, smiled, and saw the man I love.

I guess I was pretty lucky for many go through life alone without experiencing unconditional love. I see how others are treated and I feel in my heart truly sorry for them, but cannot help. I can only appreciate what I have in my life.

He is supportive of me and protects me. I guess I'm old fashioned in my thinking, and that's okay with me. He never says a bad word, raises a hand to me or treats me poorly.

With my heart pounding full of excitement and wanting so to be embraced by him, I ran. I recklessly jumped over the divots in the ground that were caused by the farming implement tire treads. All I could think of was his smiling face and tender touch.

Yes, it was indeed a beautiful day...for a dog.

Written by David Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feeling.

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