Lanterns: Principal of Principles and Notion of Notions: NeverCruz - A Marxist Dialectic


Principal of Principles and Notion of Notions: NeverCruz - A Marxist Dialectic

“Dialectic thought is an attempt to break through the coercion of logic by its own means.”
   -- Theodor Adorno, Frankfurt School Marxist

Notion of Notions
There is something in the air and it stinks to high heaven.  The corruption I speak of is a political entity, one we think we know well and of its Marxist progression from a valid NeverTrump statement to NeverCruz’s hogwash in antithesis to the conservatism we are accustomed to.

I had made a prediction back about the time the Li’l Marco and Lyin’ Ted conversation started rolling out in earnest, and I wondered whether dabbling with or going All-in on Alinsky’s Marxism was a good idea or not.  What I expected to come from the infighting was a situation whereby Leftist political trolls could enter the back door of the Conservative v. GOP battle for ideological direction, unannounced, and use the inflamed atmosphere to their advantage.
Trump’s use of Alinsky’s ridicule tactic was one thing, but what blindsided me was what followed... the appearance of full-blown Leftist manipulation of truth and reality from within the conservative core itself.

Voids of Malice  
The dialectic is a truth-finding methodology that presupposes the existence of an antithesis, a denial of truth (the thesis) that is processed in opposition to reality through which a "new" truth (the synthesis) emerges. This processing is called ‘crisis’
Enter desire and ego … 

A new reality created through crisis which “one can never let go to waste.”  The removal of standards, values, laws, anything which is considered a statement of certainty or order create these necessary voids, for these voids allow for the false complexity used to coerce social progress forward and into place.

The mechanics of the Marxist dialectical-engine fundamentally transform the emerging qualities and known quantities of truth into voided quantities with then-assumed qualities of a narrative.

This, I call the Dialectical>and it invokes the crisis-inducing methodology of Marxist Obamaphile, Van Jones - Top down, bottom up, and inside out - in the dithering of reality.

How does one progress from NeverTrump to NeverCruz?    

On the night of the election when it was realized that Trump was going to be the president-elect, NeverTrump lost all standing in reality.  With Trump’s election, NeverTrump lost all standards of logic by nature of the absolute, "never" that it invoked.  With logic off the table, the desires of ego initiate and not wanting to simply give in to this unfortunate and unwarranted state of affairs, efforts are made to substantiate something that can no longer exist in any normative manner.

Voided Certainty >< False Complexity

The void created with logics dismissal then allows for the notion that the Vice President, a man chosen for his Christian Conservatism, being aligned with the barbarian within the conservative gate, is not.  His Christian Conservatism denied, this rejected reality or voided certainty exits the dialectic as the ego-driven, nihilistic hope and false complexity necessary to keep the NeverTrump movement valid, are sucked into this newly created void taking its place in reality. A now dithered reality… a Marxist narrative.

When the NeverPence progression fails to regain the lost ground desired, it is buttressed up with the denial of the reality of Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch - another man specifically chosen, this time, for his conservative, Constitutional views.  This same denial, NeverGorsuch, again, voiding certainty, offers room for the false complexity of NeverCruz’s desire to develop, to progress, and the ideological antithesis of conservatism is reached with the NeverCruz attempt to deny the most powerful conservative voice in American politics the Senate seat he works to retain.

This is the Marxist Dialectic in all its glory and it has risen from the very core of the highly-principled, conservative movement.

Out with the old and in with the new


NotInAHundredMillionYearsTrump would not have set this logical hurdle in place for another one-hundred-thousand millennium… And Trump, presumably, will have been long out of the picture by then. These seemingly simple, very small steps compound upon themselves taking larger and larger chunks of reality out in making room for the exponential growth of nonsense. Built on desire and using the scaffolding of ego, this molehill, this notion of all notions, becomes a monster ripping at its own throat in trying to be the monster of all monsters and winner of all winners…

It has succeeded at that, which is a failure the Left could not be more proud of if they had succeeded in bringing it about on their own.
Top down, bottom up, and inside out.

Simply put, NotInAHundredMillionYearsTrump’s elimination of post-election NeverTrump’s initial being would have left more than enough wiggle room to escape this down-spiraling of good into proud and reality into narrative. Even with progressives, this becoming falsification is seldom recognized as it is happening until the over-coiled spring of normalcy snaps and all hell breaks loose. This is the point on the scale of history where, as the past plainly shows, the gravediggers of all gravediggers come into play and proceed with their dirty, dirty work.

What might we be missing that tells us the praxis of Marxism is in play?

The most obvious tell is that conservatives, by definition and nature, don't snowball and stand against runaway progressive political movements.  They also usually abhor the notion of something less than truth being scurried about the political fabric but what really stands alone is the political destruction of conservatism’s favorite son - Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas

All this can be boiled down into a pot, another notion of notions I call Principled Loss. Principled Loss is what allows for the destruction of what conservatism seeks to conserve, replacing it with efforts, or nihilistically enhanced non-efforts, instead, to conserve the integrity or ideological purity of conservatism itself.  Fueled through ideological greed, this would entail such things as sitting out an election and letting the balls bounce where they may. 

Knowing that a healthy mind and body is paramount to the ability to help others, nevertheless… the American Ideal is quite a cost to bear to maintain the ideology that emerged primarily to keep that Ideal in place.  I would call this a critical hypocrisy of the first degree.
That would be another tell...

Principle of Principles 

My belief is that a principled man operates, unflinchingly, from the rules and standards he holds as valuable and true.  That being said, I reject, as false, the notion that principles are somehow moral, in and of themselves and that they are viewed incorrectly. They act to induce attitude more than anything into our decision-making process and any morality to be applied is to be applied to the actions they bring forth and not to the thought processing that produced them.  Lust might be in the heart or mind, but lusting is an action that one takes.

Like Dawkin’s memes, our principled pathways are forged into our thinking via culture and upbringing in reaction to, and in accordance with, our collective situational past.  They are beliefs that are burned into our bones.  We do not choose our principles, they simply become part of us, unknowingly and without name.  Once we become aware of their presence and can be identified, they become beliefs.

Principled Belief (right thinking) and Acts of Principle (doing the right thing)

Principled beliefs such as -- "Never say never" or -- "Vote for the most conservative candidate available," -- "Don't eat yellow snow," even, are identified as somewhat diminished principles and often tossed aside to be replaced with notions like -- "The lesser of two evils is just plain evil."  Whether the lesser is actually evil or not, holding this belief as principle precludes any possible good that might arise from its selection over the greater "evil" which stands unopposed and uninjured by a non-decision here. 

The principle of principles is to bring the most good from the situations they engage and the decisions they apply to.

The potential within this situation has been dialectically reversed in the attempt to keep the absolute “Never” relevant and vital.  There is zero potential in never... zero.  The opportunity or potential for good coming from this goes against the grain of logic and crossing logic usually brings skewed, unworkable results.  We all know this should be readily accepted and simply moved beyond… 

But never means never and a highly principled ego will not allow for it.

The principles and logic that supported NeverTrump ceased to apply the very second NeverTrump became TrumpAssured.  Standing on a principle that no longer applies and thinking that one stands on moral high-ground because of that alone, is false. Beliefs are not moral, in and of themselves... period.

Welcome to the relativistic nihilism of Never and its Leftist quality’s introduction into the conservative base.

This praxis of accepting the loss of an election, or worse our Ideal's manifestation, as a principled outcome - regardless - that raises the moral character of the nonparticipant and relieves them of any burden from bearing the consequences of their inaction is not highly-principled. Moral high-ground? I think not. It could easily be seen as taking a free ride around one of the most important, political decisions this country, claimed to be worthy of conservative effort, might ever have faced. A principled loss is antithetical to the notion of principle ... it's cutting your face off out of love for your nose... And there can't be any morality in doing that.

“Never say never” has valid and profound reasons for being or it would not be. As did NeverTrump at one time...

Driven by social media, will conservatism outlive this viral Leftism that eats at its core? That depends on you…

Critical Hypocrisy, Ideological Greed, Voided Certainty, False Complexity, and Weaponized Futility, The Five Signatures (tells) of Leftist Intent, are further defined and explored in The Dialectic of Desire: Antithesis to Normalcy by this author.

NeverTrump: A Principled Narrative?
The Dialectic of Desire Series

John Frost has a Facebook page, The Broken Mirror, where he attempts to stave off Leftist progress and subvert the laws of grammar.  Please have a visit and like if so inclined.


Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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The terminology is Dialectical>

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