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Our American culture

Americans come from diverse backgrounds as descendants of colonists and immigrants. In many ways our diversity is not what has made America a special place to be. It is our unity under a set of ideas that has made America special. However America is more than just a special place. It is an exceptional idea.

We can look back in history to the American founding and see an imperfect world with imperfect people. Our founders were far from perfect but knew that they had the ability to create the greatest beacon of light for the entire world to see how Liberty and Freedom could take human kind to a new level of progress.

The purpose that makes America Exceptional

Our founders created the purpose of America and its duly formed government outlined in one of the most renowned documents in human history. The Declaration of Independence was more than just a declaration of separation from England but it was a declaration of a new direction of human evolution. The evolution that was to be unleashed was fueled by the recognition that the purist state of an individual is liberty and the purist form of his government is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson with the help of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston crafted the Declaration of independence as America’s purpose that set out to define the self-evident truths of all men.

1. Individually we have all been created equal. This does not mean that we are guaranteed equal outcomes or equal stuff. It does not mean that the government can try and make us equal by redistributing wealth among us. That goes against the distinct purpose of America.

2. Our rights come from God. This means that our rights are not mutable. Our rights cannot be taken away, arranged, or transferred by anyone else other than by God.

3. Our rights include and are not limited to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Jefferson utilized this phrase as it was grafted from English philosopher John Locke’s position of society existing as a protection of property and the government was to protect property rights. Jefferson took this philosophy and defined succinctly that our purpose as Americans and the government that serves them that protecting property, the right to pursue property, and the right to keep it is at the core of civil society. Note that the mentioning of property does not simply represent tangible items. It also means intangibles like our health or our own spirituality.

4. The sole purpose of our government is to serve the sovereign people from which it’s power is derived and it operates within the consent of those that it serves.

5. When in the event that this government crosses the threshold from the protector of rights into the usurper of rights, the people have the right to abolish it.

We must protect our purpose

The purpose of America was to be the shining light for the rest of the world. As America has grown and matured it has made mistakes along the way. All of the mistakes have been realized by collections of people steering the nation away from the purpose that was outlined by our founders. The founders created a government restricted by laws instituted by American citizens to prevent the tyranny from ruling over the people and destroying their will to progress. The initial set of laws was created in the Constitution. A set of amendments were crafted as an olive branch to skeptics of the newly formed government not for the purpose enumerating the rights of Americans but rather to accentuate certain rights that were not to be infringed upon. In essence the Constitution was a charter that explained what the government could not do and how it shall operate in order to protect the purpose of America and its people.

Who are the Lanterneers?

Lanterns is a collection of individuals that celebrate the idea of America and what has made America exceptional. Our Lanterneers are not united behind a political party or a special interest organization. We are not individuals that see one cross section of the American people that rise above another. We recognize that it is the idea of America that creates equal opportunity to all Americans regardless of ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation, and creed. We see that protecting the expression of that idea is what insures its result - a vibrant expression of freedom and liberty. As the expression is represented by the great strides achieved by the American people, we become a guiding light for the rest of the world which promotes freedom and liberty for all men and women.

Our Mission

Lanterns Media Network aims to chronicle what has made America exceptional, the ideas that protect the future of America, and the way Americans celebrate the unique and blessed opportunity we have had to be born under the idea of America. We do not see that politicians and bureaucrats are what insure progress for human kind. We do not see our government as a provider of our rights. We see our government the protector of our rights. Our mission is to shine the light on actions that our government is taking now or have taken in the past that threaten the rights of American without consideration to a political party or organization. We will expose destructive counter cultures that aim to destroy the idea of America and celebrate the parts of our culture that live up to the great ideals formally expressed by our founders.

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Our Team
Chris Pilie

Chief Executive Officer

Chris engaged on the political and philisophical battlefield of ideas in 2009 after being frustrated with the bio-polar Progressive policies of Republicans and Democrats. While writing on his blog "Lanterns", Chris decided that he needed to take his vision to the next level. He developed a website to share ideas and opinion. Lanterns became a reality in 2009. Now Lanterns has been expanded with the same vision - illuminate the truth.

Crystal McCann

Chief Opperations Officer

Crystal is a Christian businesswoman and writer with a passion for science, history and politics. As the co-owner of Madison’s Constitution Protection Corp., she has focused on building a coalition of conservatives to bring news, education, entertainment, sports and lifestyle articles to like-minded patriots who are tired of aiding in their own demise by reading liberal blogs and online magazines simply because they are the only available option.

Trey Roberts

Chief Communications Officer

Trey Roberts is worked with Chris Pilie to create Lanterns Media Network.

Sharon Crosby

Human Resource Director

Owner of Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives Media Group / Contributor / Lanternsbuzz HR Director Sharon is a Christian constitutional conservative, retired RN and mother of two grown children and 1 grandson. She is passionate about educating fellow Americans on conservatism and truth. Her strong heart for people has allowed her to meet and bring exceptional talent to our team. She worked on the Strikeforce for Sen. Ted Cruz during the 2016 election. She is the founder of Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives- CSCC and resides in New Orleans,


Managing Editor

Taryn has a passion for sharing news and perspectives she believes are under-reported. Having grown up in Southern California, she now spends most of her time in the Midwest with her husband, Mike. Taryn became politically aware following a few life changes in the family. She also serves as a media liaison for the Convention of States Project. Find Taryn on Twitter at @TarynOnthenews.

Heather Bryant

Content Development Director

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